Our work at UBC is focused on enhanced support for program redesign around competencies; the development of problem-solving experiences; technology-enabled learning; continued growth in work-integrated education. Sustained progress requires leadership across the institution to model, inspire and celebrate excellence in teaching and mentorship.

To create an immersive learning experience that fosters competencies identified by faculties and departments as critical to the discipline, a curriculum map can be an effective way to visualize the program structure, list of courses, teaching and learning activities, and assessment practices. This “integrative and sustainable” (Kalu & Dyjur, 2018) process is collaborative and geared towards student success.

Our Solution

This customizable online tool is a vehicle to curriculum mapping and alignment. The information presented after completing the tool’s wizard should allow instructors and departments make informed decisions to enhance the course/program as well as the overall student experience and learning.

Our Goals

UBC Okanagan is committed to providing the highest quality of education to all students. This means ongoing work for continuous improvement and innovation of teaching and learning practices across disciplines.

This website aims to support this commitment by providing all instructors with a tool to ideate, create, and evaluate new or already existing courses and programs, using backward design and constructive alignment perspectives. Engaging in this important exercise benefits students, instructors, and our overall communities.

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Anita Chaudhuri

English and Cultural Studies

Faculty Consultant

Dr. Bowen Hui

Computer Science

Tech Consultant

Janine Hirtz

Centre of Teaching and Learning

Curriculum Consultant

Laura Prada

Office of the Provost and VPA

Project Manager

Abdelmuizz Yusuf (Muizz)

Undergraduate Developer

Jia Fei LuoZheng (Jeffrey)

Undergraduate Developer

Damyn Filipuzzi

Undergraduate Developer

Daulton Baird

Tech Lead/Undergraduate Developer

Kieran Adams

Undergraduate Developer

Carrie Hunter

Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Curriculum Consultant

Michael Ogden

Centre of Teaching and Learning

Maintenance and Support Developer

Funded by the UBC Okanagan Office of the Provost and Vice President Academic.

Inspired by and based on UCalgary’s tool Curriculum Links.

Questions ?

If you have questions about the Curriculum MAP, please contact at the Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic, UBC Okanagan campus.

The code supporting this tool is available as open source software. Tell us if you are using it for your own project by completing this short form.